“I have been a Scientologist for over 12 years and in that time I have attended many, many events, however this event ranks amongst the best I have ever been to. By the end of the event I was completely keyed out. I could not stop thinking about some of the things I had heard. The whole event was just so well put together in such a practical way and delivered by people who had used LRH tech to full effect.”
Noel Lindsey

“Your briefing was wonderful! All of the staff were talking about it afterwards. What you said really indicated and really made sense to all of us. I REALLY like you pushing training not only for the public but for the staff as well. Boy would things be much easier with the staff at the upper levels of the Bridge. I can only imagine this point. So thank you again for reigniting that purpose in the staff and explaining what being OT is really like for you.”
Stacey Nelson
LRH Comm Valley Org

“Thank you for performing and speaking at our event. You made the evening!! Several people have told me it was one of the most enjoyable events they have ever been to! As a result, we now have a volunteer supervisor so we’ll now start delivering courses. We also have several recruit prospects.

Stan I am very honored to count you among my friends. You set a great example of how to live your life as a Scientologist.”
Geoff Pick

“Man the wins I had hearing Stan yesterday were fantastic. Have changed my whole outlook on the level and is handling my “dilettantism”

“Jo Anne and I were at Flag Office today, where we both watched the Stan Gerson Video. (We had previously watched the David Miscavige video.) I had a D of P interview with Tristin. He was very helpful and answered several questions about my getting onto OT VII – which I will also do.”
Marty Dumain

“On July 14th Stan spoke to a group of over seventy public, mostly OTs and about fifteen staff from the area. Over fifty of the public scheduled to do their next step. Six immediately signed up for Steven’s Creek Org Services. Four OTs who have not completed SNCC scheduled to get back to Flag within two months. The Flag Tech terminal

“Tour members were booked with interviews for three days straight and stayed an additional week in the area to handle interest generated by the event. One for one, those who are already on OT7 who heard him speak, reported that they were auditing more sessions and determined to complete the level. Stan was direct, real, with high affinity, reality and communication and made OT more real for all those who heard him speak.”
Val Smith

“Wow! What a success with Stan Gerson and Ray Barton at our event on Sunday! We had 82 attendees who LOVED it! 37 of them have already scheduled to go to Flag.”
LA OT Committee

“I very much enjoyed your inspiration at the Mission party Saturday night. Thanks for coming, you made the night.”
Bo Ellison

“ Sunday’s event was fantastic. There were 95 total attendees with 30 SNCC public scheduling to arrive with 15 more who have interviews scheduled with Art Webb today and tomorrow.”
Claire Taylor

“ I’ve decided to try one of Stan’s successful actions, which was to put my Bridge as my highest priority. I am also implementing a policy of at least $3,000/month for Bridge from here on out.”