Stan Gerson

I got into Scientology around 1974 through the Field Practice of Tony Hitchman. I received some basic training, did my Life Repair, moved to San Diego and brought Class 8 Ray Barton down to audit my family. This included my wife, mother, two brothers and their wives, a brother and sister in law.

From this group three are OT VIII expanded, three are OT V, three are OT IV, one OTIII and one is Clear. One is in the Sea Org.; one is on Staff at the San Diego Org; two others have been on staff; two are Class VI Auditors; one is a Grad V, two Class V and 4 Class IV.

From these and their families there are 27 lifetime and higher members of the IAS.

I did the Clearing course and achieved the State of Clear in 1978 and then went to Flag in 1979 for OT I, OT II, OT III and at that time NED for OTs. I returned to Flag to complete the rest of my Bridge and then went to the Freewinds on its first Maiden Voyage to do OT VIII. I returned to Flag and completed OT VII expanded in 2001 and then to the Freewinds to be one of the first five to complete OT VIII expanded on the Anniversary Cruise.

In 2002, I completed the St Hill Special Briefing Course and in 2009 all the Basics. I am currently enjoying listening to the ACCs, an essential route for all Scientologists.

Since graduating the SHSBC, I have been the Chairman of the ASHO OT Committee and 4 time Power FSM. I have toured with ASHO doing bridge enlightenment talks in almost every org in the United States, Mexico and Canada. I have done events to raise money for ideal orgs in Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, England, Austria, Greece and 5 times to South Africa.

I am a successful Commercial Real Estate Broker, a World Class Professional Magician and a Scientology Minister.